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12 June 2007

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28 May 2007

Do you want have an extra income for $8,738.20 only with capital $1 FREE?

Moreover, this $1 capital all you can get for free……yes, it can, I’ts free. The methods was very simple, and you don’t have to stay in the front of your computer/Internet all time.
Just use for a minute your time when you are surfing even when you get chatting, browsing or another work.
The most important thing is, you must always have consistency and strong will, and also have integrity to say the truth.
With the program that i suggest to you, it is not possible to get extra income for $8,738.20 only in one year with capital $1….
That’s right,….. only one year with using your leisure time when you get surfing.

The first step, you must joint to a program like “Paid to Click” or usually know as paying you when you click the advertisement. Maybe several of you already know or try it, but commonly you are disappointed to this PTC program, because they did not pay you. But please don’t be afraid, because the program that I suggest to you was an incredible program by proofing pay for several year. And I will show you the receipt. Paid to click that I suggest to you maybe did not give you a big value but they have a consistency to paid their member.
Bingo…….. From this PTC program paid, we can use it to joint in the matrix program.

Let’s move to next step, and your first step is :

1. You must have the e –gold account. This e-gold was the virtual payment in internet. If you do not have one, you can sign-in HERE

2. After you have the e-gold account, please joint and sign up in donkeymails. You can joint as much as you can on PTC, but you must be careful because sometimes maybe they did not pay you. The most simple way to joint to this programs is do not over pay attention and tempted with the high value per click, but you must find one that have a normal paid. For example like the donkemails. Also the small payout minimal $0.01

By the way, if you joint in several PTC program then collect $1 is not long and difficult anymore.

3. After you sign up in the donkeymails, you don’t have to log in for everyday, just use your leisure time once or twice a week, to click the advertisement. After you collect $1 or minimum withdraw, you can transfer it to your e-gold account.

4. Use the dollars that you already get from this PTC program to joint in the matrix program like matrix.ebioz. Join now with my downline URL :

Please choose one to sign-up :

They only need 1$ charge. Then you can set the advertisement. Duplicate this way to minimal 4 of your friend, then guide them to do same exactly way. Therefore, only in one year you will find that you already collect extra income for $8,738.20 or. IT’S EASY, DON’T YOU??

The next step that you must pay attention when you guide your friend is:

** Do it by routine, after you collect $1, use it to sign up again in the matrix program, but do it on your friend’s / referral’s link. Do not sign up using your own referral link.
(You can log in, in the matrix program, that I recommended to watch your referral down line link, then you can see your down line ID. You can sign up with your down line ID).

If you or your friend already have a consistency to do this way, you and your friend should be collect an extra income for $8,738.20, for each everybody. That we call WIN-WIN Solution!**

That’s the way I tell you above about examing our honesty

Hope this way can collect yearly extra income and unestimately.

PS. You can use the copy of this site to promote this program to your friend.